Rekindling The Flame. How to get back Active and Finish what you started!

With the second half of the year slowly, but quickly coming to an end, I want to begin this first blog with something to stir the spirit. More than inspiration I want to EMPOWER you, the people who are reading this post right now. I want to remind you that you possess the choice to START AGAIN.


Now is your time to forgive, to let go of anger, bitterness and jealousy. Now is your time to create the plan and stick to it with a consistency unlike before.

In this blog, what I’m about to reveal to you is something anyone with a desire to grow and be better can benefit from.

When I talk about starting again, I’m talking about the dream! The minds ability to be a kid again and imagine again.

One of the things I believe separate average and phenomenal beings is the ability to see it, to go beyond what your eyes can see. When is the last time you’ve allowed your mind the freedom to venture and explore without restraints?

4 Keys to help you take back your lifeand FREE the mind to start again

· Focus on your voice

· Release the negative opinions of others

· Explore your limitless possibilities

· Expect new discoveries

What does this mean to you on your journey of starting again?

FOCUS is simply realizing that your voice exists in the many verbal and nonverbal voices you encounter. Sometimes you have to silence the chatter and get grounded. When you’re engaged in this type of activity, you can begin to RELEASE those opinions and voices that no longer serve you. Most importantly, this is a great time to let go of your own negative opinions.

Arriving to a place where your mind is free of distractions is arriving to a seat of creativity where all the powers dormant inside your spirit can come alive. In this space you can begin to EXPLORE the limitless possibilities the Universe and God has to offer. Finally, EXPECT what was once unimaginable to become tangible as what you discover will begin to flow out of you in many forms.

I’m so encouraged knowing that right now as I write, I’m writing to future creators. Whatever your art may be, you have the power to create it, so be encouraged and create SOMETHING!

Fire Starter to Get the Flame Going

~Plan a 1hr period with yourself this week to implement the 4 KEYS discussed above to FREE the mind and start again. If you find that doing this serves you, try doing it again on a different day. You can never do this too much, so if you really enjoy it, make it apart of your daily or weekly habits.


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