The Race to FREEDOM. Winning at What MATTERS!

“Is this what I’ve become?

Someone who gets jealous of someone

instead of open arms and honest praise

I’m closing doors and pushing love away”

-Rachel Platten: Waves

I jumped off the cliff of life, my arms spread wide while I fell slowly into my ocean of emotions. Colliding into the waters, I slowly sank as the bubbles of my life supply rose to the surface. All I could hear was the sound of my beating heart and my thoughts, but eventually silence took over…

I often come face to face with the overwhelming demands of life and I’m scared. I’m so scared that like a kid, I curl up and hide. In the dark tears shower my flesh and with erratic breathing, I feel control slip away from me. “I don’t want to be hear”.

God? How did I get here? Why is this happening to me? Why do I do the things I do? God, I’m hurting? God? I cry out to him with screams and bottled up emotions. I’ve come to the end of my road and I no longer know what I’m racing for…

God is great at bringing about silence in our life. How easy it is to forget the creator in the midst of all our creations! In the midst of lust vacations and countless temptations, we can forget the owner of this time we don’t even hear ticking. With every rotation of the hand, we gamble at the table of life, placing our bets on the opportunity to win. BUT WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT TO WIN?

I wanted to WIN! The money drove me, my lust drives me, and my intentions have become contaminated. Without filters, I thought I could allow life to pass through me and I would be alright. Faking behind the likes and the attention, fed off of attention and when I should have been paying attention, I was instead paying expenses due.

Life can bring you full circle, and like the alchemist on your journey, you find yourself back at the beginning, but don’t be stressed. I’M WRITING THIS BLOG TO DELIVER HOPE AND NOT DEFEAT. My words at first may feel heavy, but left to settle, you find relief in them. I’ve discovered the truth, but I’ve also discovered that the truth means nothing if you don’t practice it.

I’m aware that some off you have been running the same race I have and pursuing some form of success. But what does your success consist of? Who does it consist of?

Life, everyday give the opportunity for us to choose to grow closer to meaning and pureness or distant from what matters. Left alone to wander, I have faith in knowing that even those lost will find their way in their own time. It took me thirty years to wrap my mind around the truths I will share shortly. and even now, that I know them, I have to work to practice them while extending myself grace along the way.

I want to share a few truths with you, for you to do with as you please. You can accept these, or not. you can take your time to evaluate them and discover your own meaning in them. However, what I'm about to share are 5 simple truths that have and continue to help me on this beautiful journey called life. I share them with good intent and hope that you would be that much more closer to personal freedom.

5 breathers to help release the tension of life and feel alive again.

1. Fuck shame

2. Fight to be filled with Love and not anger

3. Faith

4. Forgive

5. Follow your path

Something to Reflect On

Shame will cripple you and leave you doing endless laps around scenarios wishing for a different outcome that will never happen.

Anger will always leave you less than what you can be when your operating in LOVE.

To forget the source of your existence is to in part forget your meaning, return to your FAITH.

It’s heavier to hold onto negative emotions than it is to release them.

Your truest experience of your existence begins when you begin to follow your path.

With the Sincerest Love

Davin L Cook

Breath & Make it Happen


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© 2018 by Davin Cook 

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